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The Black Pearl team were honored to be invited to the Ghana 4 Peace concert on Saturday 23rd June, showcased at Wood Green as it is considered as a way of building a platform for more peace in African nations.The team witnessed an exceptionally authentic event with Ghana’s most influential guests so we knew it would be a positive experience.

We managed to conduct private interviews from Ghana’s influentuals and most talented musicians such as Nana Kwame and Mista Silva which were very insightful. All of the special guests are very much proud of their Ghanaian heritage, it’s economy, music and political status and understand the importance of the Ghanaian youth, stating how exstatic they are that the young Ghanaian UK - born residents have embraced their heritage and are celebrating in regards to it.

The music and special performances were lively as well as authentic and the Ghanaian community clearly enjoyed the event. I’m sure every guest left the event with smiles feeling positive, looking forward to Ghana’s positive future to come!

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TOBEFRANK Presentation Spring Summer 2013 Collection

When TOBEFRANK invited Black Pearl to their presentation on Thursday 14th June to showcase their Spring Summer Collection I knew I was in for a treat.

This time a solution has finally arrived in terms of re-enforcing a great quality of menswear that is not only trendy and exquisitely unique, but is also extremely masculine. Yes, that’s right, the To Be Frank fashion show was show cased at Covent Garden and was absolutely incredible!

The world’s most fashionable men will be eager to get their hands on an array of bright coloured , patch worked chinos as well as the collection of bright and crisp shirts and blazers. Furthermore, I must say the actually show wasn’t how I expected it to take place. The models were to stand still the entire time whilst the audience took photos and got to admire the work in clearer way with amazing lighting. Very outside- the- box! At the after party not only was the music catchy and blaring, the staff were friendly, welcoming and clearly wanted their guests to mingle and enjoy themselves, so it wasn’t your typical fashion show after party.

It was obvious that everybody had a great time, admired the visual scenery and most importantly, loved the collection! This designer certainly brought back the visual true meaning of a gentleman, with fashion-forward twist, that is! And I’m sure the other guests would agree. The ToBeFrank Collection is definitely something to look for!

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Zollywood Film ‘The Gentleman’ Premieres in London

The film premiere of the popular anticipated movie ‘The Gentleman’ invaded the vintage Prince Charles Theatre in the heart of the star-studded Leicester Square in London. ’The Gentleman’ is first action film coming out from Zimbabwe. The country’s upcoming Zollywood film industry is an A-list watch in the African film industry as they are getting recognition both in Africa and abroad.

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Daphine’s FIRST…..

Our beautiful Daphine Tony International SUPERMODEL has finally arrived on the Front Cover of Arise Magazine.

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@SEV_NFOLD Clothing at the @TheFirstLadyLDN Event.

Ladies, if you’re wondering about who created these beautiful authentic t-shirts, we’d like to introduce Sev-Nfold Clothing's HOME SWEET HOME collection. A female urban brand that is highly western but African inspired.

Purchase online at

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Black Pearl Team were at RWD Magazine’s AdiSlam event yesterday. We witnessed first hand, all of the action; plus, met a few surprising faces!

Watch out for our Black Pearl Gem’s interview with most-talked about comedian @Don’tJealousMe, who made a surprise attendance to the event. He has a special treat for his fans.

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Designer District: Tina Lobondi (Interview)

  1. Black Pearl's Gem: What’s your inspiration for this season?
  2. Tina Lobondi: My new collection is inspired by Asia and Africa meeting the European culture and classic cut. The dresses are very elegant and easy to wear. I wanted to explore the idea of the little black dress again, as it is the main colour for this collection.
  3. Black Pearl's Gem: Music on the Catwalk (MOC) - a very inspirational event. In what way has music influenced your designs?
  4. Tina Lobondi: I used to sing when I was a teenager. Music has a big place in my heart and is reflected in my everyday activities. It's an honour to be part of the event
  5. Black Pearl's Gem: Do you think that the fashion should embrace different cultures and ethnicities? As the fashion world is too restricted when it comes to diversity.
  6. Tina Lobondi: Fashion, Music and Art are the places where culture and ethnicity embraces themselves. Burberry, Matthew Williamson, many of those big brands have been inspired by Africa. Unfortunately, It's us Africans, that are not using all the tools God gave us, but I think we are in progress
  7. Black Pearl's Gem: Where can people purchase your pieces?
  8. Tina Lobondi: My collections are available at All my other stockist details are also on my website.
  9. Black Pearl's Gem: Great. Are you able to give us an exclusive that only us and our Gems reading this blog post will know into your next collections. The colours, fabrics etc?
  10. Tina Lobondi: I'll be using satin, sequins and jersey, a fabulous mix for a feminine look.
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Since the establishment for her own fashion label in 2009; Tina Lobondi has already seen her designs featured in the glossy pages of OK!, Miss Ebene and Black & Beauty. Her designs were also showcased at the Labo Ethnic 2011 in Paris and the Profile Event in London. The Congolese Fashion designer has elevated her fashion workmanship from working at the La Goutte D’or Fashion House as an intern to becoming a designer that is inspired by everyday life and experiences. 
Tina Lobondi describes her designs as ”Elegant with Timeless style”. With it’s own Bespoke Couture and Personal Styling Service, the fashion label offers beautiful evening and casual wear for the sophisticated woman who wants to keep a touch of glamour and originality in her wardrobe.
The new collection is dark with an ultimate elegant touch. Inspired by the asian and western culture, the designer used a mix of satin, jersey and sequins. Attention to details and feminine cut material to perfectly fit women at their best advantage.
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Music Interview with Rara Loud

  1. Black Pearl's Gem: Hello ladies, it’s a great pleasure to meet you. Can you please tell us your names for our Gems?
  2. Rara Loud: There are two of us because we believe it takes 2 to tango! Anuska & Jaya B
  3. Black Pearl's Gem: How did the invention of the name RaraLoud come about?
  4. Rara Loud: In our childhood days We used to play hide and seek when I found Anuska I used to scream Raraaaaa raraaaaa at her and it made her jump every's something I still do to this day! Jaya is very loud and our lyrics speak loud messages! We want the world to hear through our music! We believe our name represents exactly who we are.
  5. Black Pearl's Gem: I loved your performance at the Music on the Catwalk Event. What’s your single ‘La la liar’ about?
  6. Rara Loud: Thank you :-). Partly from personal experience partly from peoples experiences. Quite a few of our friends have been cheated on and lied to at some point in their life! This inspired us to send a message out to liars! This being men or women, we wanted people to be able to relate to it in some way or another.
  7. Black Pearl's Gem: You both have a strong individualistic fashion style. How has fashion influenced your music?
  8. Rara Loud: We wear what we feel is appropriate to the song and what represents Rara loud and us both individually MUSIC IS PASSION WE WEAR IT LIKE IT'S THE LATEST FASHION
  9. Black Pearl's Gem: You’re both representing the Asian community in the UK and your beats have strong references from this international music genre. Tell us what makes your music unique from other Asian artists that are looking to enter into the UK music mainstream?
  10. Rara Loud: WE are unique in our own right. We follow our heart and simply be ourselves not trying to imitate anyone! Its important to be yourselves, otherwise your not being true to yourself.
  11. Black Pearl's Gem: You produce, write, choreographed, danced as well as sing. If you both didn’t pursue music, what other careers paths have you considered?
  12. Rara Loud: Jaya B - I think I would have been an ice-cream woman cox I love ice cream and could have unlimited supply with my own ice cream van!
  13. Anuska - I would have pursued in my dance school, its still a very big part of me, absolutely love dancing, being creative and performing. A freedom of expression!
  14. Black Pearl's Gem: Jay Sean is one artist that has become commercially successful on the both sides of the Atlantic. How has Jay Sean inspired you as a duo?
  15. Rara Loud: He is amazing! We were in Los Angeles a few years back and we saw a huge poster of him on bill board. It was amazing and made us see that nothing is impossible!!!!
  16. Black Pearl's Gem: Give us an exclusive about new upcoming & emerging artists from your community that our Gems must watch out for in 2012?
  17. Rara Loud: There are loads of talent in the community, it would be hard to pick a couple even, because all of them are so gifted talented! They are all rocking it :-)
  18. Black Pearl's Gem: That's fantastic to hear. So, what’s next for RaraLoud? Any tour dates or releases you’d like to let our Gems know about?
  19. Rara Loud: Our second single will be releasing early next year, which we are excited about, as well as some hot collaborations, we can't wait to share it with you Gems!!
  20. Black Pearl's Gem: Where can our Gems buy, found and listen to your material?
  21. Rara Loud: You can check out our music on you tube- Rara Loud, or follow us on twitter @raraloud & facebook Rara loud. Buy our music on Itunes and other selected online digital stores.
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Check out the new video from @IkechukwuKillz feat Xela. He’s back with his new track ‘Bu Lie Oto’ :)